Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here In The Space Age, We Can Use The Internet To Help Us Find The Tools And Hunting Weapons Of The Stone Age!

Now that so many have access to the world wide web, at home, office, even on the road with wireless connections, we can explore many parts of the world from our desk top.

So it is probably no big surprise that we can now begin to find arrowheads on the internet.

What is especially intriguing is the variety and quality of arrowheads and other stone tools which can be found on the web.

Please note, the variety and quality of arrowheads is essentially the same as that which can be found by traditional methods of personal exploration and trading with collectors whom we know.

In other words, there are still a lot of “field grade” or “used up” and worn out points, in addition to the usual variety of junk, fakes, cheap foreign imports (like Indian arrowheads, made on the Asian subcontinent and imported to be sold as “Indian”, which they are, by virtue of being made in India; just not the Indian that you and I expect when we in North America use the term).

With time to look around and with an understanding of the opportunities and the risks involved in dealing with long distance and sometimes inexperienced or inadequately informed collector/providers, an arrowhead enthusiast or collector can augment his local contacts with a whole new network of collectors across the continent, even around the world, by looking for arrowheads on the internet.

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  1. Of course I will, have done and continue to purchase artifacts when I find the types I want. My most entertaining subject is to read about findings by the lucky ones 'out there' discovering arrowheads and other artifacts. Fossils as well with story lines and accompanied photos are best. In fact the more 'photos' in this 'treasure' pages are the best way to involve collectors and interested readers.